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About Us

Iguá Lab is the Iguá program, whose purpose is to find startups developing solutions to transform the sanitation industry. The idea is to implement the best projects by establishing partnerships between the company and the winning entrepreneur(s).

Iguá is looking for projects offering greater innovation and efficiency to the sanitation processes and services. Our executive team mentors the winning startups, and we also connect entrepreneurs to the investors.

Iguá has partnered with BrazilLAB and Aceleradora Organica to offer this program.

Iguá Saneamento

We are a sanitation company offering management and operation services for water supply and waste disposal systems, via government concessions and public-private partnerships with cities, states and government-owned companies. Our name is a direct reference to the industry in which we operate, as well as to Brazil: “ig” means water in the Tupi-Guarani language.

Iguá currently has 18 operations in five Brazilian states – Alagoas, Mato Grosso, Santa Catarina, São Paulo and Paraná –, in approximately 25 cities, which, together, provide services to circa 6.6 million people.

Thanks to the range of our service provision, Iguá is among the leading private operators in Brazil’s sanitation industry. We establish strategic partnerships with suppliers of different segments and sizes to perform our activities, ranging from startups to traditional companies.

Iguá stands out for its technological innovation, technical excellence and production efficiency in the performance of its purpose, which is to contribute to universal access to water and sanitation services, as well as to improve the quality of life of the population, thereby positively affecting local economies.

Our operation is also based on sustainability, and it is thanks to sustainability that we are able to generate value for the community, for our people, clients, shareholders and partners. We do business in a dynamic and innovative fashion, focused on results and backed by sound governance practices. Our choices are grounded on commitment to Brazil and to a sustainable future.


BrazilLAB is an innovation center, accelerating ideas and connecting entrepreneurs to the government. Our purpose is to encourage innovation-oriented culture in the public sector, by supporting entrepreneurs pursuing solutions for the most complex challenges faced by Brazilian society nowadays.

We also support innovation in public management by offering events that are open to the general public, as well as an acceleration program and a program to connect entrepreneurs and government leaders. Additionally, we are actively involved in the impact entrepreneurism environment.

Aceleradora Organica

The new economy calls for new notions and ideas, in lieu of past ones – as such, it is necessary to follow up market transformation and always look forward. In order to do so, creativity and information must walk hand-in-hand, in a fast and fearless fashion.

Organica has organized a team of professionals (or of accelerated minds) with a strong market background and several cases in their resume to help promising or established businesses, which are already part of or want to be part of the new economy.

Organica works both with startup acceleration and with digital transformation in large businesses. Organica has recently started to develop Corporate Venture projects.