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Iguá Saneamento operates in the management and operation of water supply and sanitary waste systems, either by means of government concessions or by public-private partnerships with cities, states and government-owned companies.

Iguá currently has 18 operations in five Brazilian states – Alagoas, Mato Grosso, Santa Catarina, São Paulo and Paraná –, in approximately 25 cities, which, together, provide services to circa 6.6 million people.

Thanks to the range of our service provision, Iguá is among the leading private operators in Brazil’s sanitation industry.

Why does Iguá want to innovate in the sanitation industry? 2018-05-09T23:29:57+00:00

Innovation in the direct or indirect provision of water supply and waste disposal services implies affecting the daily life of millions of people.

Iguá believes that innovation is breaking paradigms. It takes willingness to change and to see the importance of doing things differently, as a pathway towards doing things better.

We are looking for innovation at different levels: in engineering, business processes, management, finance and client relationship. We want to bring new ideas to plan and execute sanitation services.

What are Iguá Lab’s challenges? 2018-05-09T23:35:20+00:00

Iguá is looking for startups developing solutions to render our services and processes more efficient and innovative.

This edition is focused on five major challenges: fintech, water loss, communications, people training and infrastructure.

1) FINTECH Challenge

Iguá faces the challenge of dealing with high delinquency and evasion of income in the circa 25 cities in which it operates, whether via government concessions or public-private partnerships. Iguá currently has over 20 k delinquent consumers, part of which has limited access to credit. We are looking for solutions to mitigate the delinquency risk and create credit, as well as for automatic payment services. In so doing, we want to avoid service cuts caused by unpaid bills, to continue ensuring customers have access to treated water.

How can we reduce delinquency and cut risks caused by lack of payment?

2) LOSSES Challenge

Approximately 37% of the treated water is lost in distribution, in Brazil, wither because of leakages, frauds or failures in consumption measurement. Such losses are a true source of waste, and also cause financial losses and effects on public supply. The reality of Iguá’s operations is even the more challenging, considering the type and maturity of its systems. Despite investments made to improve the networks, Iguá still faces the challenge of reducing loss indexes in all the cities it services. We are looking for smart processes and systems to both detect and fight leakages and frauds, and to improve consumption measurement and the distribution systems.

How can we fight water loss in distribution systems?


The perception of value of the sanitation service is relatively low. Because underground networks and systems are generally away from the central areas of the cities, consumers seldom perceive the work involved in taking drinking water all the way to faucets and removing waste from households. Services are deemed expensive. For the sake of comparison, all it takes is saying that the amount paid for one liter of bottled mineral water is equal to over 600 liters of treated water. Our challenge is to raise awareness on the value of the sanitation services – in order to do so, we need to better understand and catch the attention of the consumers. We need more efficient channels to increase communication with consumers, receive their opinions and therefore improved decision making for our business.

How can we improve communication and client relationship, in order to value our business?

4) TRAINING Challenge

More than 1,500 people work at Iguá, in five Brazilian states. Our reality is diverse and reflects the country’s characteristics. Our teams are positioned in remote areas in the northeast and in national capitals alike. People working both on field and at offices, with different levels of connectivity. We have pursued innovative and different solutions that ensure effective spread of such matters, in fulfillment of our commitment to implement massive training programs. Contents range from the compliance program, to technical information and management training, among others. We are looking for information technology strategies based on cooperation, mobility and agility.

How can we intensify training and also engage our people?

5) TECHNOLOGY Challenge

BRL 1.5 billion are expected to be invested in water supply and sanitation systems in the next five years. Over 100km of networks will be built, including thousands of new connections, in addition to the maintenance program for over 350 k water and sewage connections. We are looking for solutions that increase the efficiency of the sanitation infrastructure, based on the principles of smart cities. Ideas such as system automation, monitoring and optimization of maintenance and services.

How can we render the sanitation infrastructure more efficient?

How can I apply? 2018-05-09T23:36:20+00:00

Go to web site www.igualab.com.br, click on the APPLY NOW menu and sign up for your account. Once you have logged into your account, read and accept the Terms and Conditions in order to have access to the application form. Click on SAVE if you want to save the information and continue the application process later. Pay attention – the application will not be valid if the information is not sent. Click on SEND to complete the application process.

What is the application deadline? 2018-05-09T23:37:29+00:00

Application for the Iguá Lab program has already started! Applcants may submit their solution by June 15, 2018 (23h59 – Brasilia time).

How many times may I apply? 2018-05-09T23:38:38+00:00

Each account is allowed one application only; in other words, only one form may be sent per e-mail registered at our site.

Applications must be submitted by one duly registered partner only. It is prohibited for two partners to apply for the same solution.

How do I know whether my application form was effectively sent? 2018-05-09T23:39:41+00:00

A screen with the message, “You have sent your application to Iguá Lab! We will contact you soon! Thank you!” will inform applicants the file was sent. Additionally, applicants will receive a message confirming the application at the registered e-mail.

There is a mistake in my application form. What should I do? 2018-05-09T23:41:22+00:00

Contact us at e-mail contato@igualab.com.br if there is any mistake in you application form, in order to inform the problem. We will solve it as soon as possible.

I sent my application form, but I would like to make certain changes. What should I do? 2018-05-09T23:44:03+00:00

It is no longer possible to change the application form, once it is sent.

How does the selection process work? 2018-05-09T23:45:20+00:00

The selection phase is comprised of three phases:

Phase One – April 23 to June 15, 2018: application period.

Phase Two – June 16, 2018 to July 9, 2018: The Iguá Lab team shall assess the projects received and select those with the solutions that are most in line with the proposed challenges, according to the criteria set out in the Terms and Conditions.

The Iguá Lab team will contact the pre-selected projects, which will have to send a video of up to two minutes with further details on the project.

Once the videos are analyzed, the Iguá Lab team will contact the persons listed in the application form.

Based on this assessment, the Iguá Lab team will contact the entrepreneurs whose projects were selected.

Phase Three – July 17, 2018: Finalists shall pitch the selected projects to the selection committee in the city of São Paulo. Winners shall be chosen among the finalists and the results shall be published.

All projects received and which are not selected will receive an e-mail thanking the applicant’s participation. The Igua Lab team will not offer individual and customized feedback.

Do I have to live in São Paulo to apply? 2018-05-09T23:46:39+00:00

No, but it is necessary to come to São Paulo on the day on which finalists will pitch their projects to the selection committee. If absent, the entrepreneur will be dismissed from the program.

Will Iguá Lab cover the travel, housing and food costs to pitch the projects to the selection committee? 2018-05-09T23:47:39+00:00

Upon prior approval, Iguá Lab may reimburse the applicants’ expenses. No expenses will be reimbursed without prior approval.

Who will have access to my application form? 2018-05-09T23:48:39+00:00

Your application form will be reviewed by the Iguá Lab team, our mentors and partners.

What prize is offered to the winning solutions? 2018-05-09T23:50:08+00:00

Entrepreneurs selected to pitch the projects to the selection committee, will have the possibility to join Iguá’s startup network, participate of round with investors and receive mentoring with company specialists.

Finalists may eventually receive investment from Iguá (or from its controlling company), according to the criteria determined in the Terms and Conditions, and may also be engaged to provide services to Iguá (or to its controlling company), or be accelerated to test and scale their ideas.

Why would I be interested in becoming an Iguá supplier? 2018-05-09T23:50:51+00:00

Iguá is one of the leading private companies of the sanitation industry in Brazil, and it currently has 18 operations in five Brazilian states, servicing approximately 6.6 million clients. Our gross turnover in 2017 was of BRL 631.81 million. We have established partnerships with suppliers in different segments and of different sizes to develop our activities, ranging from startup to traditional companies.

Additionally, we value the entrepreneurial spirit, disruptive though and the creation of replicable models capable of generating value. We are connected to the test culture, we encourage mistakes, act fast and challenge traditional models to create a new line of action, in compliance with the market’s regulatory limits.

Why would I like to receive investments from Iguá or its controlling companies? 2018-05-09T23:51:55+00:00

The possibility of receiving investments from Iguá or its controlling companies may increase your company’s ability to gain momentum to reinvest in the business, either to target other markets, by developing new products and services, or to improve the structure to increase the client base.

I was not selected, but I would like to receive information about the IguáLab. 2018-05-09T23:52:58+00:00

Visit our website and follow Iguá Saneamento in social media. We want to contact entrepreneurs interested in making a difference, much like ourselves!

How do I contact Iguá Lab, if I have any other doubts? 2018-05-09T23:53:48+00:00

Contact us via e-mail contato@igualab.com.br should you have any doubts.